It all started with a chance meeting


On an afternoon in February 2018 at an airport lounge…

We were both returning home from Legalweek 2018 when we ran into each other in an airport lounge at the Newark airport. Over a glass of wine, we chatted about our work. Even though we were ‘friendly competitors’, we quickly realized that we might be better together than working separately.

Within a couple of weeks, we committed to giving our partnership a try and Legal Tech Media Group (LTMG) was born. With a vision of providing unmatched service to the legal vendor community we have grown LTMG into much more than a marketing agency.

In December 2018 LTMG partnered with Evolve the Law to provide marketing guidance to ETL members. In June 2019 we launched Events.Legal to provide legal vendor and legal event organizers with a platform to explore event opportunities. And in January 2020 LTMG announced the formation of our publishing group, Legal Tech Publishing (LTP) to continue and expand on Chelsey’s Lex Tech Review platform.

Through this accelerated growth, we are always focused on providing the best advice and service to our marketing agency clients, providers of products and services to law firms, legal professionals, and legal departments.

Meet our Co-Founders

Chelsey Lambert

Chief Tactical Officer

Chelsey Lambert is a legal technology marketing specialist, published author and speaker. She is the Founder of Lex Tech Review (now Legal Tech Media), and has published several Legal Technology Buyers Guides that help legal professionals make decisions.


Her background includes a combination of roles that give her a unique understanding of how solo, small, and mid-sized law firms operate. Chelsey helped launch well-known companies, including Total Attorneys and Smokeball and served as a practice management advisor for the Chicago Bar Association.


Today, Chelsey leads LTMG’s tactical efforts from creating quality content, launching campaigns, implementing marketing automation systems, and more.


Cathy Kenton

Chief Strategy Officer

With first-hand experience leading change inside legal technology companies, and decades of success selling products and services to lawyers, law firms, and legal departments, Cathy helps legal vendors avoid pitfalls, generate internal buy-in, and turn strategies into action.


Drawing upon decades of experience in the legal vertical, Cathy guides legal vendors in making strategic marketing and business development decisions. Her experience includes working as a Certified Litigation Paralegal as well as senior management positions at Abacus and


Today, Cathy leads LTMG’s efforts to helps client increase market share, develop successful marketing strategies, and deliver their products.

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