Our Mission

The Legal Tech Media Group is comprised of senior legal marketing professionals dedicated to delivering high-performing advice and measurable execution for organizations in the legal vertical. Created to aid prospects and potential customers in the decision-making process, the Legal Tech Media Group offers a series of thoughtfully built educational advertising platforms. Attorneys, paralegals, and In-House Counsel rely on our properties to research and educate themselves about Legal Tech Media Group and services that solve their specific challenges.

Our goal is to be your partner, helping you succeed in the marketing and sales of your products within the legal vertical.

Marketing Strategy Program

For organizations seeking a competitive advantage, the legal business partner Mastermind Program delivers executive resources for strategy, results analysis, and business growth.

The Legal Tech Media Group
 has partnered with Cathy Kenton, Chair of Legal Business Partner Strategies, to deliver this one-of-a-kind C-level program designed to address the challenges executives are facing in today’s legal vertical.

This program is limited to a limited group of companies that want and need expert advice of growing their presence in the legal vertical. Cathy’s expertise over 25 years in Legal Tech Media Group will help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions while building a foundation to achieve your specific goals.

Your program may include:­

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