Legal marketing experts partner to deliver a unique combination of strategy and tactical execution.

Spring Hill, FL and Del Mar, CA – March 7, 2018 – Legal Tech Media Group (LTMG) and Legal Vendor Strategies, LLC (LVS) today announced the launch of a new consulting and coaching program designed to assist C-level executives for companies providing products and services to the legal vertical. The Mastermind program will provide executives with strategy, results analysis, business development opportunities, and planning.

All services will be provided by LTMG and can be tailored to include tactical execution as well as advertising opportunities. Cathy Kenton, Chair of LVS will serve as the Senior Consultant for the Mastermind program which will initially be limited to a select group of companies. At the heart of the Mastermind program is a weekly one-hour consulting call that can be used to delve into strategic planning, budgeting, messaging, business plan development, revenue modeling, goal setting, and other priorities. With more than 25 years of experience in Legal Tech Media Group, Ms. Kenton has advised companies of all sizes in how to achieve results through actionable planning and execution.

“This partnership between LTMG and LVS will provide legal vendors with the guidance they need to launch and grow their businesses,” said Chelsey Lambert, CEO and Founder of LTMG. “Having access to highly experienced experts at a reasonable cost will speed time to market and decision making for our clients.”

“Í am excited to partner with Chelsey and LTMG to offer a strategic solution for legal vendors,” said Cathy Kenton. “The fact that LTMG can offer cost-effective tactical marketing execution means the Mastermind program can focus on strategy, and we can build, monitor, and adjust results-oriented programs quickly.”

About LTMG
The Legal Tech Media Group’s portfolio includes a suite of advertising options, combined with a legal vertical marketing execution team. LTMG’s mission is to provide vendors with a cost-effective resource to create the assets they need and the ability to share them with a captive audience of legal professionals through various online properties.

About LVS
Legal Vertical Strategies is focused exclusively on helping legal vendors create growth and realize market potential. Through four areas—Integrated Marketing, Business Development, Client Management, and Business Management—LVS has a proven record of delivering measurable results across every segment of the legal vertical.

Chelsey Lambert