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Public Relations

Developing a goal-oriented public relations strategy helps achieve your success

Meaningful Exposure


Using Public Relations to Expand Your Reach

To extend the reach of your campaign into audiences that match your ideal demographic, PR strategies must compliment your other marketing efforts. LTMG does not believe in public relations for public relations sake; instead, your program will be leveraged for client acquisition and demand generation.

Embracing New Media 

Welcome to the world of the influencer. Influencer strategy goes so much further than Instagram and into the key blogs and thought leaders of the legal industry. Your audience listens to podcasts, reads blogs, and otherwise engages in "new media." By taking advantage of this approach, LTMG places you in front of the right audience via key influencers. 

The LTMG Wire

Unique in the legal market, LTMG has built an exclusive list of legal journalists and influencers with whom we share important industry news. The LTMG Wire is carefully maintained to ensure that its recipients receive only the most relevant industry updates.

We're Standing By