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Lead Generation

Demand generation, lead generation, and client acquisition require more than marketing capabilities

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Optimal Reach

Success requires a deep understanding of the market and extensive experience growing legal brands. With decades of proven strategies specific to the legal market we are passionate about achieving results for our clients.

Targeted Outreach

A combination of strategic and tactical subject matter experts make up the marketing team at LTMG. Each of us has specialized expertise in a variety of market segments, from small firms, to Big Law, to Corporate Legal, and Legal Operations. Partnering with your team, we work together to understand your unique demand generation goals, then strategically attract ideal and actionable leads.

Relationships Matter

With a vast network of clients and partners, we have the necessary relationships to expedite market penetration. Based on your goals, we thoughtfully recommend opportunities to help build your audience. Turn to partners trusted across the industry to grow your reputation.

"Brett is a terrific speaker and really made our webinar a success. Your entire team worked really well with me on the content development. We had an excellent turnout and a great experience thanks to your team"

Natalia Ursinyova Marketing & Demand Generation Manager at ABBYY

Natalia Ursinyova
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