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Revenue Operations (RevOps)


The strategic approach that centralizes sales, marketing, and customer service operations to provide a consistent experience across the customer lifecycle. 

As your company grows, it is crucial to align core operational functions around revenue data through the implementation of work streams, processes, and plans across ops teams. 

Without operational alignment, your customer's journey remains disjointed and at-risk.


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The solution: a single source-of-truth crafted for your growth. 


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Introducing HubSpot's
Operations Hub


Unlike siloed data tools, Operations Hub combines an ops team's full toolkit into a CRM, uniting all your customer data on one connected platform. 

  A more efficient, aligned, and agile business

An unhindered and strategic ops team

A friction-free customer experience

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Built for Your Growth


Your legal tech business needs to run better.

To do that, you need to reimagine operations. You need RevOps. Centralized and not siloed,

RevOps aren't afterthoughts; they're the architects of your growth engine that help you achieve your objectives. 


How Your Ops Team Currently Spends Their Time



Putting out Data &
Process Fires

Driving Business Strategy &
Improving Customer Experience

Operations Hub supercharges your HubSpot CRM with a suite of tools that makes it easy to connect, clean, and automate your customer data.



Value For Your Team

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Integrate Everything

Sync your CRM with your ERP to ensure that customer data stays up to date between front-office teams (marketing sales, and service) and back-office (finance and billing).


Integrate your CRM and marketing apps — whether HubSpot’s your CRM or not. Sync CRM fields to marketing to personalize campaigns and analyze revenue impact. Sync marketing data to CRM to score and rotate leads and inform sales conversations.


Sync your reps’ phones with your CRM, ensuring they always have access to up-to-date information when they're on the road.

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Easy Migration

Align your teams and systems with Data Sync.


With Data Sync, Operations Hub packs the power of custom-built integrations — bidirectional data flow, custom field mappings, historical syncing — into an elegant code-free package.


This makes it easier than ever to make your systems work together.

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Clean Up Dirty Data

As your company scales, it’s hard to keep your data clean. New managers create new processes and new reps adopt your systems in different ways. 


Dirty data leads to inefficiency and poor experiences. 


With HubSpot Operations Hub you can create new data quality actions in workflows that clean and format your data without external, time-consuming work.

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Custom Automation

Help your teams adapt and become more efficient with Programmable Automation.


With programmable automation, Operations Hub empowers companies to adapt their business processes to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Custom code workflow actions allow teams to automate anything, and setup business processes.


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Expanded Capacity

To keep up with your business’s growth, you need more room to run.


When HubSpot customers add Operations Hub to their CRM platform, their existing limits on lists, reports, and workflows are increased.


This ensures your tech stack scales as it grows.

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Spend more time driving business strategy & improving experience.


The addition of Operations Hub is game changing for current HubSpot users.

Operations Hub allows you to extend your current HubSpot functionality to achieve maximum automation and more room for growth.

This means giving your operations team the tools they need to achieve your objectives.

What does this replace?


HubSpot built Operations Hub to provide the tools that were useful and needed, offer the best user experience, and unify everything within the best CRM platform on the market.

No need to pay for multiple subscriptions for multiple applications to get the same result.

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Interested in Operations Hub?

As the Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner for Legal Tech, we are standing by get you started in Operations Hub today.