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Marketing to legal firms is a unique challenge. Companies fail when they cannot identify and focus their strategies to appeal to the target groups most likely to adopt their solutions. Lack of direct industry knowledge and experience is a common blind spot in the Legal Technology market; this creates immense opportunities for the companies that overcome it. 

At LTMG, we work with our clients to develop focused strategies and execute tactics that will drive efficient growth. Our Subject Matter Expertise is at the core of our strategy development and execution. Whether you are seeking to reach the next level of growth or develop a legal channel to expand revenue potential, a comprehensive and differentiating strategy is necessary to thrive in the Legal Technology marketing landscape. 

  • Strategy
  • Tactical Execution
  • Tools
  • Your Advantage

Standing out against the competition and noise requires innovative strategies. From helping you develop your carefully researched buyer personas and mapping the customer journey to initiating inbound campaigns, LTMG is here to guide you to execution. The LTMG team combines HubSpot expertise with intimate knowledge of the legal tech vertical to help you scale your customer acquisition.  
LTMG works with you to attract new prospects and engage with them at scale. Impactful marketing builds meaningful and lasting relationships with customers and prospects and is a key to growing your organization. 

Example: We developed a go-to-market strategy for MyCase Inc., an online client communication portal. To succeed in a mature and saturated market, we refocused the messaging and approach around the idea of “Social Practice Management” and implemented tactics to drive an exponential adoption rate, leading to the company’s acquisition 2 years later. 

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LTMG Approach Infographic Tactical Execution


As your partner, we serve your organization as an extension of your marketing department. With a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals, LTMG understands how to attract, engage and convert legal professional prospects in every segment of the market. 

LTMG’s tactical execution team includes every functional role in a fully staffed marketing department so you don’t have to search for new recruits or freelancers to complete tasks. Based on your organization’s immediate needs and long-term goals, we assign an account manager and supporting resources to execute your projects. 

Example: For Nexidia, an audio discovery company, we developed a revenue channel of government regulatory agencies by implementing all messaging, content, strategy, and budgeting. The expansion of this channel led to growth in the legal vertical as well, generating over $100 million in total revenues to date. 

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From the top of the funnel through customer acquisition and continued servicing, each HubSpot for Legal Tech service contributes value to your sales, marketing, and service efforts. The foundation begins with implementing the HubSpot CRM, a proper database architecture, and reports to build growth. 

Aligning marketing and sales is challenging, particularly when your data lies in disparate systems. HubSpot’s advanced Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, and Service Hubs bring all your critical contact information together. When properly implemented and managed, the insights delivered to your sales, marketing, and service teams help you focus on engaging the right contacts, closing deals faster, and providing optimal continued service. 

Example: We have implemented and integrated the website, CRM, and sales tools for Avansic, an eDiscovery and Digital Forensics firm. This has streamlined their sales process and increased data visibility, driving efficiency and intelligent analysis. 

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Aligning the right strategy with powerful tools and efficient execution drives exponential, predictable growth. The competitive advantage is integrated teams operating from a single source of truth to be better recognized in the market, increase revenue and conversion, and evolve with the changing needs of a dynamic client base. 

Example: Coordinating strategies, tactics, and tools for ESI Legal, a cloud communications and legal IT services provider, has been integral to developing a competitive advantage. We have been responsible for developing go-to-market strategies, executing content and marketing efforts, implementing and integrating HubSpot, and more. 

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