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LTMG is the exclusive Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner focused on legal & professional services tech companies

Architecting Success

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The HubSpot Difference

From the top of the funnel through customer acquisition and continued servicing, each HubSpot service contributes value to your sales, marketing, and service efforts. The foundation begins with implementing the HubSpot CRM, a proper database architecture, and reports to build growth.

Marketing and Sales Nirvana 

Aligning marketing and sales is challenging, particularly when your data lies in disparate systems. HubSpot’s advanced Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, and Service Hubs bring all your critical contact information together. When properly implemented and managed, the insights delivered to your sales, marketing, and service teams help you focus on engaging the right contacts, closing deals faster, and providing optimal continued service.

Power of LTMG & HubSpot

Working Across the HubSpot Ecosystem




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