LTMG has built a unique set of services and products to serve the legal vertical through its three divisions: Agency Services, Publishing, and Events.Legal

Legal Technology Translated for Today's Practicing Professional

The Legal Technology and eDiscovery landscape can prove both difficult to navigate and an exorbitant endeavor—especially without the proper guidance. Indeed, this inspired our launching Legal Tech Media Group’s Publishing Division, whose mission is to develop a series of insightful Legal Technology Buyer’s Guides and related material, to shepherd attorneys, staff, in-house and corporate counsel through this often overly complex, challenging and resource-heavy Legal Technology and eDiscovery terrain.

LTMG Publishing provides informative use cases, and valuable insights from leading industry professionals who have worked directly with myriad Legal Technology and eDiscovery solutions. And, in so doing, LTMG Publishing dispels many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding Legal Technology and eDiscovery tool related costs, services and capabilities.

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Saving time and connecting you with new opportunities

Launched in mid-2019, Events.Legal was developed to help legal vendors make the best choices and eliminate hours of research by putting legal event information at your fingertips; and at the same time giving event hosts the opportunity to gain more exposure for their events and to attract additional sponsors.

Events.Legal is unique in its mission to provide a resource for the legal vertical, and LTMG is committed to providing this service without cost to legal vendors.

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