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Marketing to professional firms is a unique challenge. 
Tech companies fail when they cannot identify and focus their strategies to appeal to the target groups most likely to adopt their solutions. Lack of direct industry knowledge and experience is a common blind spot, creating immense opportunities for the companies that overcome it. 
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What our clients are saying

I want to thank you for all the help on setting up our HubSpot CRM. We’ve had several HubSpot portals for over 4 years for our sales team, and it was not until now that we’ve ever had any value from them. In just 3 months, we're already getting productivity data that we've never seen before, and we’re more efficient thanks to the sequences, tasks, and documentation you’ve built for us.
Hsiaolei MillerFormer Group Publisher, Breaking Media (Above the Law)
LTMG is a strategic business partner that I would recommend to any business looking to increase visibility and ultimately close business.
Neil SignoreSVP and Managing Director of Events, Corporate Counsel Business Journal and Institute
We have worked continuously with LTMG, and its predecessor LVS, for over 17 years to build our business in the legal vertical. They helped us define our initial positioning, establish solid relationships in the market, and guided our content development and tactical execution to achieve a solid position of recognition and leadership within our space.
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Ashley GriggsDirector, Legal Markets, Nexidia, Inc.
We were super lucky to meet up and link up with LTMG. They have an incredible amount of knowledge in our space and the entire industry. Thank you for helping us grow and expand over the years.
David BittonCo-Founder, Practicepanther
LTMG has made it easy and affordable for us to finally have a consistent marketing department!
Nancy GriffingPresident, 3545 Consulting
The true value of the Mastermind program is Cathy’s intuitive understanding of your ultimate goal.
There was an objective down the road for where I wanted to be, and Cathy used her tremendous amount of  industry-specific knowledge, relationships, and connections to help me get there. 
Chris Cangaro Headshot
Chris CangeroCEO, DocStyle