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Legal Tech Sales requires a refined understanding of the product, purchasing processes and cycles, and best practices. From start-ups to well-established providers, many legal tech companies can benefit from an independent third-party evaluation of their sales efforts. 

Today’s buyers are more educated and sophisticated than ever. And while we believe that our product is likely the best solution fit, in most cases, prospects are seeking a ‘right-company’ fit. Buyers prefer not to be sold. Instead, they want to identify a provider willing to build a cohesive partnership with them. 

We’ve been there. LTMG consultants have extensive experience working for and with companies just like yours. LTMG specialists have done it all and helped companies excel at converting leads into customers. 

Sales Management

Redesigning Processes 

Whether you are just getting started, you’ve outgrown your current structure, or you are adjusting to changing marketing conditions, you can rely on LTMG’s sales and business process expertise to help guide you. Establishing processes, setting expectations, and building a cohesive team should be in the hands of experienced sales management. 


Managing a Sales Team 

It takes an experienced sales manager to motivate a team and coordinate with the product and marketing teams. Sales enablement, managing expectations, and a deep understanding of legal buyers are keys to the success of your sales organization. Can your team use some expert assistance? 

Sales Training & Retraining


Whether you’re building a sales team from scratch or adding or changing your current team, having a proven strategy in place will help you make the right hires and create the best opportunities to achieve your revenue goals. Building on proven legal tech successes, LTMG can partner with you to develop a successful plan. 


Identifying the best prospects and building processes to connect will create the relationships that lead to sales. Gain insight from the experienced Sales Consultants at LTMG. 

Building & Working a Fruitful Pipeline


Pipelines differ from company to company and sales rep to sales rep. Identifying pipeline stages and time frames help each member of your sales team focus their time and efforts on their best opportunities. 

Sales Enablement & Lead Scoring  

Sales enablement is the iterative process of identifying, building, and providing your sales team with the resources needed to close more deals. Sales and marketing work together to create the content necessary to convert more leads. LTMG works hand-in-hand to identify content and automate lead scoring.  

Outsourced Sales Management


Having an experienced Sales Manager can make all the difference in your company’s success. Keeping an existing team together and motivated, or building a team from scratch, outsourcing sales management will set you up for success and lead to a smooth transition when the time comes to hire internally. 

Metrics and More 

Knowing what to track, building appropriate reporting for the team, leadership, and investors is critical to building and managing a successful sales team. Experienced outsourced sales manager will fit in with as much or as little commitment as you require. 

LTMG Sales Consultants have the experience you need to succeed in legal tech sales. Here are just a few of the assistance we can provide: 

  • Writing Winning Proposals 
  • Sales Compensation 
  • Preparation / practice  
  • Email & Customized templates 
  • Research and prepare for prospecting 
  • Find the right contact or the person with the responsibility 
  • Qualify the opportunity (delivery of everything you want to see) 
  • Make the most out of the next call – Better prepared for the expected sales call 
  • Get comfortable with unexpected sales calls(!) 
  • Listen to the client's voice – Gain buyer commitment 
  • Overcome objections 

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