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An Audio Discovery Company
PROJECT Provide strategy, develop and implement a marketing program for the legal vertical

Messaging, marketing strategy, planning and budgeting, and content development

CLIENT Nexidia


This company is a leading developer of speech analytics software. In 2004, the company recognized an opportunity in the legal vertical for eDiscovery of audio and video content. The company’s expertise is in the intelligence and call-center verticals, and they realized that marketing to legal was different from traditional B2B marketing. We were engaged to supplement the company’s internal marketing team providing strategy, adjusting messaging to fit legal, and developing and implementing a marketing program for the legal vertical.

Initially, the company’s goal was to provide its API for integration into other eDiscovery platforms. However, the discovery of audio and video lags several years behind email, and it quickly became apparent that developers were unwilling to invest until they experienced significant demand. We realized we needed to create a new category and educate the market about the cost-savings of automating audio and video in the eDiscovery process. We created the category ‘Audio Discovery’ and developed an integrated marketing strategy that established the category and branded the company as its experts.

Throughout the Engagement, LTMG

During the early years, we learned that law firms were reluctant to rely on this new technology, preferring the high revenue-generating human review instead, so we turned our attention to several government regulatory agencies that appreciated the cost-saving performance. The fact that regulators were using the technology to review and manage large volumes of audio made it an easier sale to the investigated companies and their attorneys.

Over the years, we have been responsible for all messaging, marketing strategy, planning and budgeting, and content development for the legal vertical. While still a small segment of the company’s revenues, it is nevertheless an important one. Starting with no income, legal has generated total revenues over $100 million (at a high-profit margin).

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