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Working Across the HubSpot Ecosystem

Pairing HubSpot’s software with LTMG’s expertise and strategies creates a well-oiled machine and value beyond your imagination.

  • The HubSpot Ecosystem
  • ➤ Growth Suite
  • ➤ Marketing Hub
  • ➤ Sales Hub
  • ➤ Service Hub
  • ➤ CMS Hub
  • ➤ Operations Hub
  • ➤ Integrations

The Power of LTMG & HubSpot

HubSpot provides the unique ability to consolidate your tech stack into a single platform, providing support and functionality for marketing, sales, customer relationship management, and operations. Pairing HubSpot’s software with LTMG’s expertise and strategies creates a well-oiled machine and value beyond your imagination. While powerful enough on their own, they’re even better when used together. LTMG will work with you to determine which HubSpot package is right for you, designing a plan to get your business and your team onboarded and running quickly.

Growth on One, Fully-Connected Platform

HubSpot’s growth suite consolidates your marketing, sales, service, and operations software needs. This powerhouse suite enables you to focus more on generating leads and revenue, leaving behind a scattered tech stack of disconnected tools. While each Hub works successfully on its own, they’re an unstoppable force when used as a cohesive platform.

Website Spacer-4When you only buy into one or two hubs, your operations are siloed. This may cause delays, inefficiencies, fragmented customer journey, friction, lack of sales and marketing alignment, and incomplete reporting. Leave behind the days of jumping between different platforms and feeling limited in your tool’s ability. Your business only needs one software from the top of your marketing funnel to the final stages in your customer lifecycle and beyond.


So Much More Than Email Marketing

Marketing Hub powers your business to create remarkable, engaging, and personalized experiences. Marketing Hub’s software helps you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale - all in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Save valuable time and leverage all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts your desired customer.


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Key Features

  • Marketing automation: Deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Marketing Hub allows you to develop custom content strategies, implement and track SEO, connect with your social media, manage your paid ads, and so much more. 
  •  Lead tracking: Utilize the analytics dashboards to track the progress of your prospects along their buyer’s journey and establish automation to guide them down your funnel.
  • Email marketing: Create optimized email campaigns that wow your customers. Attract customer’s attention by personalizing content for each recipient and run A/B tests to improve clickthrough rates.  
  • Marketing analytics: Marketing Hub helps you make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics. Make the connection between your work to deals closed and contacts created with attribution reporting.
  • Account-based Marketing: Unite your marketing and sales teams with collaborative, intuitive ABM tools. Build deeper relationships, and turn your highest-value target accounts into customers.


Engage Prospects & Turn Them Into Customers

Sales Hub’s powerful CRM software helps teams close more deals, deepen relationships with customers, and manage their pipelines and customer journeys more effectively - all from one platform. Connect with customers, track deal progress, and automate repetitive sales tasks to save you time. Eliminate friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one robust platform. Make time to focus on what really matters: your customers.

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Key Features

  • Lead scoring: Predictive lead scoring from HubSpot enables you to quickly determine if a prospect is worth the follow-up. Spend less time qualifying leads so you can spend more time closing deals. 
  • Pipeline management: With so many balls in the air at one time, it can be hard to keep track of all the deals coming in. The pipeline management tool allows you to see the status of all your current deals at a glance.  
  • Dashboards and reporting: Answer important questions about sales performance by gathering your data together in one place. Create customized dashboards to show the data you want on demand. Whatever metrics or high-level reporting you need, you’ve got it. You’re in control. 
  • Communication and follow-up: Automatically capture details from every call so you can understand the “why” behind team performance. Create customized meeting links that sync with your calendar, making it easier for customers to connect with you and reduce the hassle of trying to coordinate schedules.

More Delighted Customers At Every Stage

HubSpot’s Service Hub acts as your one-stop, single source of truth for everything you need to deliver exceptional customer service. Easily manage support requests, reduce friction, and connect better with your customers. Service Hub enables you to scale your customer support, unite your front-office teams on one easy-to-use platform, and provide proactive service that retains customers.

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Key Features

  • Team Management: Keep your whole team organized and efficient by ensuring every user has access to what they need. Easily view and manage agent permissions, status, and availability across your team.
  • Knowledge Base: Feel like you’re answering the same questions over and over again? Save time by easily creating a dynamic reference library with answers to commonly-asked questions that both your team and customers can use. 
  • Conversations Inbox: Easily curate your conversations in one convenient place using Conversations inbox. Connect email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and more to one easily accessible inbox so your whole team has the visibility to manage and reply to conversations in one place.  
  • Custom Objects: Store and customize all the data you need to support your customers. Create single-object, cross-object, or custom funnel reports to specifically monitor the health of your unique business. 

Take the Pain Out of Website Management

The content management system you need to easily create and personalize pages for every visitor - across every device. CMS Hub takes the pain out of growing your website so you can focus on growing your business. With 24/7 security monitoring, a standard SSL certificate, and a web application firewall you can maintain and manage your website without migraines. CMS Hub is the all-in-one tool to help grow traffic and generate leads.

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Key Features

  • Flexible themes: Create a site-wide content editing experience that puts you in control over the website. Start from scratch or utilize one of HubSpot’s pre-built themes as a starting point. Themes allow you to make larger-scale changes to your website and content without needing coding knowledge or a developer.  
  • Drag and drop editing: Instead of managing your content creation process, focus on creating amazing content. Develop a flexible content creation experience that allows you to easily create pages through a drag and drop editing experience. 
  • SEO Optimization: Automatically receive suggestions for optimization of your pages across your entire site, and easily implement them from one platform.  
  • Local Web Development: Develop on HubSpot using the tools, technologies, and workflows that you prefer. Make changes the way you want, when you want, and with the tools you love.


People, Processes & Platforms - Simplified

HubSpot’s Operations Hub combines your operations full toolkit into a CRM, uniting all your customer data on one connected platform. Cultivate a more efficient, aligned, and agile business, an unhindered and strategic ops team, and a friction-free customer experience. Operations Hub supercharges your HubSpot CRM with a suite of tools that makes it easy to connect, clean, and automate your customer data.

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  • Integrate everything: Sync CRM fields to marketing to personalize campaigns and analyze revenue impact. Sync marketing data to your CRM to score and rotate leads, and inform sales conversations
  • Clean up dirty data: Dirty data leads to inefficiency and poor experiences. Create new data quality actions in workflows that clean and format your data without external, time-consuming work. 
  • Custom automation: With programmable automation, adapt your business processes to the ever-changing needs of your customers. Custom workflow actions allow teams to automate anything and set up business processes. 
  • Easy migration: Align your teams and systems with Data Sync. Use the power of custom-built integrations - bidirectional data flow, custom field mappings, historical syncing - into an elegant code-free package. Easily migrate all your contact and company data into HubSpot.

Create an Aligned & Integrated Tech Stack

Stop toggling back and forth between systems. Instead, have them talk to each other and increase productivity, performance, and ease of use. Here at LTMG, we want to help you work smarter, not harder. Automate and personalize your unique processes, centralize data, shorten your sales cycle, and have access to powerful analytics. Integrating your solutions with HubSpot saves you time, money, and effort.

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Siloed software and platforms create a disconnect and can lead to unreliable data causing your customer journey to fragment. By integrating your current software with HubSpot, you have access to a single source of truth that allows you to increase efficiency and remove friction from your customer experience.


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