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Legal Tech Startup Accelerator

Cathy Kenton, Your Trusted Advisor


The Program

One-on-One Coaching

Cathy is you trusted advisor. Each week, you will have a private executive-level coaching session, including strategic guidance, results analysis, and business development opportunities.

Tactical Execution

Each week, Cathy will apply one hour towards delivering HubSpot consulting, copywriting, persona development, and more. Use her subject matter expertise to accomplish your objectives.

Learn More About Coaching For Legal Tech

Download our brochure to learn about the coaching process, things we might explore, and how objective guidance can streamline your growth.

Why Invest

The investment you make in coaching from a trusted advisor pays dividends across many facets of leadership growth, organizational culture, and performance results. Going beyond basic training to personalized coaching can profoundly amplify and accelerate a leader's impact.

  • Accelerated learning and development. Expert guidance from a subject matter expert can quickly get a business leader up to speed on key concepts, strategies, and best practices in the field. This helps you acquire new skills and knowledge faster.

  • Increased confidence and capability. Coaching can help instill greater self-assurance in your own judgment and abilities. This translates into more impactful leadership overall.

  • Objective guidance and feedback. A trusted advisor provides unbiased observations and recommendations to improve your performance and decision-making. This outside perspective is invaluable.

  • Enhanced problem-solving. By learning more advanced approaches, you can better analyze issues, weigh tradeoffs, and generate innovative solutions. Coaching speeds up this progression.

  • Multiplier effect on culture and results. As you improve through coaching, you will see a positive cascade through the organization. Better leadership drives better culture, execution, and business outcomes over time.

Limited Spaces Available - Apply Now!

"The Legal Tech Startup Accelerateor Program through LTMG is nothing short of the finest legal technology advisory service available! The team has proven themselves to be invaluable assets, as both mentors and trusted peers, adding to our strategic vision, making impactful introductions, and creating new opportunities."

- Chris Cangero, Co-Founder & CEO, DocStyle, LLC

We May Work On

Goal & Priorities Setting
Business Plan Development
Branding, Rebranding & Positioning
Go-to-Market Planning
Lead Generation & Marketing Automation
Building and Leveraging Partner Programs