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Tactical Execution

Whether you are a startup or just don’t have enough bandwidth to execute your demand generation programs, we can help

Tactical and Project-Based Services:
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"We were super lucky to meet up and link up with LTMG. They have an incredible amount of knowledge in our space and the entire industry. Thank you for helping us grow and expand over the years."

David Bitton Co-Founder, Practicepanther

David Bitton

From Concept to Completion


As your partner, we serve your organization as an extension of your marketing department. With a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals, LTMG understands how to attract, engage and convert legal professional prospects in every segment of the market.

LTMG’s tactical execution team includes every functional role in a fully staffed marketing department so you don’t have to search for new recruits or freelancers to complete tasks. Based on your organization’s immediate needs and long-term goals, we assign an account manager and supporting resources to execute your projects.

Tactical and Project-Based Services:

Content Creation: Impactful marketing requires content crafted specifically for your ideal client. LTMG’s team of experienced content writers create assets ready-for-use in both sales and marketing efforts. Read more.

Media Acquisition: Strategic media acquisition requires knowledge of audience profiles and experience making purchasing decisions. Read more.

Campaign Management: It’s not easy to find marketers who have distinct insight into the mindset of a legal professional, and the copywriting skills to develop a campaign that resonates with their pain points. Whether you need ongoing marketing assistance or help with a one-time project, the Legal Tech Media Group team will rise to the challenge. Read more.

Lead Generation: Demand generation, lead generation, and client acquisition require more than marketing capabilities. Success requires a deep understanding of the market and extensive experience growing legal brands. With decades of proven strategies specific to the legal market we are passionate about achieving results for our clients. Read more.

Social Media: Social media is a necessary channel in today’s marketing landscape and a key component of every organization’s overall marketing strategy. When aligned, these tools have to power to multiply your brand’s reach and dramatically increase engagement. Read more. 

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