Tactical Execution

Whether you are a startup or just don’t have enough bandwidth to execute your demand generation programs, we can help

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  • ➤ Lead Generation
  • ➤ Content Creation
  • ➤ Media Acquisition
  • ➤ Campaign Management
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From Concept to Completion

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As your partner, we serve your organization as an extension of your marketing department. With a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals, LTMG understands how to attract, engage and convert legal professional prospects in every segment of the market.

LTMG’s tactical execution team includes every functional role in a fully-staffed marketing department so you don’t have to search for new recruits or freelancers to complete tasks. Based on your organization’s immediate needs and long-term goals, we assign an account manager and supporting resources to execute your projects.

Tactical and Project-Based Services:

Content Creation: Impactful marketing requires content crafted specifically for your ideal client. LTMG’s team of experienced content writers create assets ready-for-use in both sales and marketing efforts. 

Media Acquisition: Strategic media acquisition requires knowledge of audience profiles and experience making purchasing decisions. 

Campaign Management: It’s not easy to find marketers who have distinct insight into the mindset of a legal professional, and the copywriting skills to develop a campaign that resonates with their pain points. Whether you need ongoing marketing assistance or help with a one-time project, the Legal Tech Media Group team will rise to the challenge. 

Lead Generation: Demand generation, lead generation, and client acquisition require more than marketing capabilities. Success requires a deep understanding of the market and extensive experience growing legal brands. With decades of proven strategies specific to the legal market, we are passionate about achieving results for our clients. 

Social & Digital Media: Social and digital media is a necessary channel in today’s marketing landscape and a key component of every organization’s overall marketing strategy. When aligned, these tools have to power to multiply your brand’s reach and dramatically increase engagement. 

Sales Growth & Enablement

Success requires a deep understanding of the market and extensive experience growing legal brands. With decades of proven strategies specific to the legal market we are passionate about achieving results for our clients. As your dedicated HubSpot provider, LTMG will build tools such as lead scoring, segmentation, and sequences that will align your sales and marketing efforts to  grow your business to new levels.

Targeted Outreach

A combination of strategic and tactical subject matter experts make up the marketing team at LTMG. Each of us has specialized expertise in a variety of market segments, from small firms, to Big Law, to Corporate Legal, and Legal Operations. Partnering with your team, we work together to understand your unique demand generation goals, then strategically attract ideal and actionable leads.

Relationships Matter

With a vast network of clients and partners, we have the necessary relationships to expedite market penetration. Based on your goals, we thoughtfully recommend opportunities to help build your audience. Turn to partners trusted across the industry to grow your reputation.

Engage, Convert, Nurture

Buyer Persona Aligned Content

With decades of experience, we have seen and developed it all. Our team has a deep understanding of your buyer personas and the skills required to develop targeted content for them. We provide you with a recommended list of creative topics, outside-the-box campaigns, and timely follow-up strategies that when combined deliver a library of assets for both sales and marketing that stand the test of time.

Niche Work

We get it. Even more: we live it. The legal vertical is incredibly specialized and requires even more targeted marketing. Our team of content creators will work with you to build-out materials that matter and create a lasting impact with the buyers you are targeting.

Reference our content menu for a full list and samples of our work which include but are not limited to: eBooks, Product Reviews, Case Studies, Reference Guides, and White Papers.

Marketing Dollars Well Spent

Work with a Partner Experienced in Purchasing Placement

With decades of experience, we carefully select placements aligned with your demand generation goals. Through LTMG’s longstanding relationships with outlets, thought leaders, and boutique communities we build creative campaigns that speak to your audience’s specific interests.

From Concept to Conversion 

The LTMG team has run digital and print advertising on nearly every available media and digital outlet nationwide. We have the expertise to appropriately position your brand and the tactical resources to execute and maximize ROI.

Maximize Influence

Whether you need ongoing marketing assistance or help with a one-time project, the Legal Tech Media Group team will rise to the challenge.

From Plan to Measurement

Acting as an extension of your marketing department, the LTMG team will help you to develop campaign messaging and visuals necessary to execute successfully. Regular review meetings provide strategic coaching based on performance for continued sales and marketing optimization.

Omni-Channel Execution

Your target decision makers are exposed to a large number of media sources on any given day. To maximize your campaign impact, LTMG determines the optimal channels for execution, recommended placements, content, and sales touchpoints.

Digital Footprint

When aligned, digital tools have to power to multiply your brand’s reach and dramatically increase engagement.

Strategic and Tactical Expertise

In today’s crowded social media environment, targeting, impactful messaging, and visuals are necessary to get noticed. LTMG begins with an understanding of your overall goals and defines an execution plan with a series of metrics to help you achieve success.

Likes Don’t Pay the Bills 

Simply posting social media content does not fulfill a thoughtful social media plan if your goal is to generate leads or improve conversion rates. LTMG’s team employs Social Selling principles, reporting platforms, automation tools, and best practices to reach existing prospects and attract new leads while engaging your audience on the appropriate platform(s).

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