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Strategic Services

The LTMG team have the experience and expertise to address the challenges executives are facing in today’s legal vertical

  • Strategic Services
  • ➤ Goal Setting
  • ➤ Planning & Budgeting
  • ➤ Branding, Re-Branding & Positioning
  • ➤ Buyer Personas
  • ➤ Market Research
  • ➤ Web Presence

Precise Planning and Measurement

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Understanding the Legal Buyer

We’ve been in your shoes. Every LTMG SME and Account Manager has extensive experience working for and with companies just like yours. Whether you are a start-up, a seasoned provider, or legal is but one of several verticals, LTMG can provide the expertise and assistance you need to succeed in legal.

Scaling Your Team

When you need help establishing or reaching your next goals, LTMG can provide the strategic and management support to help you get there.

Strategic Services: 

Planning & Budgeting: For organizations seeking a competitive advantage, Legal Tech Media Group delivers executive-level resources for strategy, results analysis, and business growth.

Branding, Re-Branding & Positioning: Your branding and positioning carry the responsibility of communicating every aspect of your business. LTMG develops focused messaging that becomes the cornerstone of your marketing and sales efforts.

Buyer Personas: At the center of every marketing initiative is a simple question: what are you trying to accomplish? With the goal defined, communication becomes focused.

Market Research: For start-ups and well-established companies, independent market research is critical to your strategy. 

Goal Setting

Unite Your Team

Goals provide the insight needed to shape the activities of our day. They orient individuals and teams toward a common sense of purpose. LTMG recognizes the importance of creating goals and communicating them effectively within businesses to ensure they are positive and powerful forces.

Big Picture to Daily Objectives

Effective goal setting starts with an inspirational statement of vision - a long-term goal, that represents what you want to achieve in business. Daily business objectives - the quantifiable and time-bound measures set the stage for the foundation of business strategy.

Thoughtful Execution

Formalize Strategy

Because one size never fits all, LTMG develops strategies based on each client’s individual goals. With LTMG’s guidance you will:

  • Be better recognized in the market

  • Increase revenue and conversion

  • Evolve with the changing needs of your dynamic client base


LTMG offers a variety of Marketing Planning Services to complement your internal resources. LTMG can function as your outsourced CMO/Director of Marketing or as a vertical-specific strategy and execution addition to your team.

LTMG SMEs use their vertical expertise and market relationships to build programs that include:

  • Buyer Persons

  • Detailed Marketing Plans

  • Lead Generation Plans

  • Business Development Opportunities

  • Sales & Marketing Alignment


LTMG Legal Vertical SMEs will develop detailed marketing budgets to meet your needs and help you make investments that will help you achieve your goals.

Established Presence

Strategic Branding

Your branding is present in all of your company's assets: your website, digital and print assets, social media pages, and other mentions. LTMG has a proven record of success in optimizing your current branding.

Exact Positioning

Your market positioning must speak directly to potential and existing customers about your mission, capabilities, and success. Trust LTMG to formalize the exact messaging you need to succeed.

Understanding Your Best Prospects

Creating Buyer Personas

Buyer personas help you understand your customers (and prospective customers) better, and make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups.

Using Buyer Personas

At the most basic level, personas allow you to personalize or target your marketing for different segments of your audience. Once buyer personas are in place, LTMG creates a messaging platform including Key Messaging and Objectives to help you and your team speak with your buyers in a manner that resonates and clearly defines your value.

Industry Mapping

Competitive Analysis

Strategic development leans on accurate metrics for success and produce differentiation. LTMG uses its deep legal market experience to conduct independent research and analyze industry reports.

Thought Leadership

LTMG can help you become a thought leader in your category. With expertise developing surveys, and questionnaires, LTMG can conduct, analyze, and report on issues that are important to you and your buyers. Gain exclusive insights and become a trusted expert.

Web Presence & Reputation


Web presence management is a strategy culmination of all online touchpoints and how they come together to influence brand awareness, visibility, and engagement. LTMG uses its deep legal market experience to research and analyzes your web presence after gaining a firm understanding of your brand and target market.


LTMG can help you optimize your web presence to meet your online goals and budget restraints. The Internet is a competitive marketplace, and LTMG knows establishing a fine niche in a pronounced manner is critical to success.

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